Blog Commenting In SEO Campaign Still Worth Using in 2020?

Blog Commenting in SEO Blog Commenting In SEO Campaign Still Worth Using in 2020

Blog Commenting in SEO: One of the most popular and easiest ways to build backlinks but is it still worth using it in 2020?

Well, somehow YES. Not a big one but yes blog commenting is still worth in 2020 but not as effective as it used to be. There are two popular reasons why it doesn’t provide much value to the website these days. And both of these reasons are inter-related to each other.

Spam Comments on Website by using blog commenting in SEO
Spam Comments on Website
  1. The first one is that Blog commenting becomes total spam. 90% of the blogs where people can comment are heavily populated by the spam comments like by using automated programs to post comments or becoming a bot himself to post comments. Still 1000s of websites including the big ones some of their articles probably jammed by spam comments. And because of containing 100s of outbound links, they are not valuable at all or I simply say they do not provide any kind of link juice to the website.
  2. And the second one is Google. Yes, google. Google employees are normal people like us. They can see what we see. They have a special webmaster team who monitors these kinds of activities and as a result, blog commenting is worthless from this perspective because as I explained earlier due the large number of comments containing unrelated outbound links. Google considers this tactic as spam/worthless.

Now, you probably are thinking Deepak you said blog commenting does not pass any link juice instead they damage the website and its reputation… Right? Then why is it still effective?

Well, blog commenting is still effective if you do not consider it as a way of getting backlinks. Firstly, comments on an article are in the footer of the blog. I mean not in the website footer but in the blog’s footer. And footer and sidebar links are not as effective as in-content links. So, it loses 1 point here. Second, the comment section is not an editorial section. I mean website admin won’t post articles in a comment box right. It is for asking questions, giving feedback, and so on. So, it is treated as a User-Generated content section where everyone can post, so that simply means it is an easy way to get links and it loses another point here.

So, how can you make this blog commenting strategy successful and worth it for your website? Well, firstly you have to learn to comment only on those websites which are related to the content of yours or where you have specific knowledge. It doesn’t need to be 100% related but you should not post a comment on a plumbing blog if you’re building links for a doctor’s website.

Second, don’t use any automated software or become a bot to post “nice posts” on each and every article you came across. Be gentle and a human who cares about the community and work. For example, my website is where I share web design, so if I come across an article where they have posted something like 5 ways to improve your website’s UX. I would be more than happy to comment on that post because I’ve knowledge about that topic, I know how it works, whether those ideas are worthwhile, or maybe I can provide them with a 6th point.

By doing this way you’re not only going to improve your own knowledge because you have to read the blog before posting a valuable comment but also website admin will consider you as a valuable participant and who doesn’t like appreciation?

And probably you will get a backlink in their article instead of just in a comment section. I personally tried this and it worked several times but let me just warn you, this is not an easy way if you don’t like to do hard work but a good way to get a backlink on a website you want. You just have to be their regular participant.

Also, don’t expect a boost in your rankings from blog commenting. It will help you but only if you have done it right. From a branding point of view, it could help you to build your brand.

So, that’s all for this blog if you’ve any questions then feel free to leave a comment. I’ll be more than happy to help!